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Paralytic Panda

The best grow lights, cannabis seeds and accessories in South Africa

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About Us

As my love for the growing of cannabis grew, so did my search for improved products.

I’ve spent a great deal of time sourcing quality products, that I not only use myself, but felt others would benefit from their wider availability as well.

While germination is not guaranteed and at one’s own risk, only the best quality genetics are sourced and sold.

We are committed to our customers’ satisfaction and believe in going the extra mile.

I’m sure you’ll find only the best products in your search on our site.

Thank you for your support.

Our Seeds 

Blue Dream

Blue Dream commonly has a fast onset with heavy sativa effects; instant ascension with a stimulating effect. Soon after you will slip into full body relaxation and euphoria.

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Kosher Kush

MIMOSA EVO™ Cannabis Seeds
Can it get much better than a pure indica? With upwards of 25% THC and a resilient structure, Kosher Kush marijuana aims to do just that. Kosher Kush marijuana is a strain with qualities that appeal to every category of consumer. Highly sedative and ideal for evening use and the treatment of insomnia, it’s onset can trigger an upswing in the mood that some have discovered brings on a fit of the giggles, albeit as you lay stretched out on the couch…

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OG Kush

OG Kush by Humboldt Seed Organization is an Indica-dominant feminized cannabis strain that grows into a wonderful plant with unique properties. If you buy OG Kush cannabis seeds, you will be able to grow a hybrid with exclusive flavour and aroma and several soothing properties

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Originating from a complex cross between the multiple strain hybrid Jack Herrer with Big Skunk Korean, this resulting plant is Soma Seeds’ fruitiest and most flavorful strain available. It is definitely an essential for those cultivators and smokers out there who care about their tastes and aromas. Somango will induce a great cerebral buzz…

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Obi-Wan Kush

Now proud to present, a strain that has been growing demand from our customers global at exceedingly fast rate, from a galaxy far far away…Obi-Wan Kush! Coming from the parenting genetics of both Skywalker and OG Kush, Obi-Wan Kush is most definitely a force to be reckoned with. Think OG Kush with greater yields, accompanied by a complex and interesting flavor….

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